Upper Limb – Trauma

Electrocution can lead to devastating injuries to the limbs and internal organs, moreover, a current as low as 200mA can precipitate a cardiac arrest in healthy individuals.

This 38 year old domestic worker was working with a new assistant. During a routine electrical repairs work, he reached out for the main electric cable unaware that his assistant had not switched off the main supply.

With a loud thunder he fell to the floor losing consciousness. The current had entered through his right hand and exited through the left foot.

He was rushed to a local hospital where he spent 3 days in the ICU before regaining consciousness. However his hand and foot were in bad shape.

Tendon and nerve grafting

Figure 1: Bomb blast injury with exposed and necrotic tendons

Figure 2: Immediate reconstruction with flaps

Figure 3: Tendon transfer to restore function

Functional Hand