Head, Face & Neck – Malignancy

India is the capital for oral cancer. Statistics suggest that 5 people die of oral cancer every hour in India.
Unchecked tobacco use remains the main culprit in these cases.
This 57 year old male had developed oral squamous cell carcinoma of the lower alveolus and cheek.
Radical Surgery was performed to remove a part of the lower jaw and some portion of the cheek which was involved with the cancer was also removed.

This created a huge deformity of the lower face.
The fibula bone was harvested and transferred to reconstruct the excised portion of the lower face to restore form and function.
Early detection & treatment of oral cancers is crucial for patients.

Dr Yusuf Mistry has actively participates in anti-tobacco campaigns to spread awareness against tobacco use.
Reconstruction of defects following cancer surgery remains a significant part of Plastic Surgery
Local or distant flaps are used to reconstruct the defects created after cancer excision.

Cancer of Oral Cavity

Defect after excision of cancerous mass

Reconstruction with Fibula Flap

Pedicled Radial Artery flap for Forehead Reconstruction