It is difficult to express the plight of a burns patient in words.

The deformity left behind after burns injury is ghastly specially when it involves the face and not completely correctable.

Certain Plastic and Reconstructive Surgical procedures profoundly help the victim in alleviating the deformities and associated sufferings.

Such a case was referred to us from abroad. She was an acid attack victim. She had contractures and scarring over the face and anterior chest wall due chemical burns.

A combination of flaps and skin grafts and Z Plasty were used to relieve the contractures and minimize fibrous scarring over the face and neck.

Severe 3rd degree burns treated with multiple skin grafts and flaps

Mentosternal contracture due to burns

Contracture release by abdominal flap

Hypertrophied Scarring reduction

Ectropion due to hot vapour burns