Aesthetic Surgery

The inception of Aesthtic Surgery dates back to 600 BCE in the golden era of the popular Indian physician Susruta.

Although its foundation was laid down nearly two and a half millenniums ago, its was only in the last couple of decades that aesthetic surgery has evolved by leaps and bounds to reach its epitome in the era of modern medicine.

Aesthetic Surgery no longer remains an exotic silk stocking surgery for the opulent crowd but has now become accessible and feasible to the common man.

From removing simple blemishes from the skin to reshaping of the nose to body contouring, aesthetic surgery mainly aims at improving the appearance of the patient.

It improves confidence and evokes positivity in the patient.

Cleft Rhinoplasty

Scar Revision

Vitiligo Treatment

Body Recontouring Surgeries – Abdominoplasty

Body Recontouring Surgeries – Gynecomastia

Body Recontouring Surgeries – Breast Augmentation